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We understand the challenges associated with keeping your workforce healthy and productive. Give your workers and yourself the peace of mind that comes with regular, reliable primary care by making an

investment in your employee's health.


                                  -Routine primary care for employees
                                  -Annual preventive health exams
                                  -Topic specific health education
                                  -Pre-employment physicals
                                  -On-site health screen
                                  -Worksite flu shots
                                  -Drug screenings


Work Calls


Enjoy many of the services listed above at the work place.

Call our office for further detail and boundary areas. 


Health Insurance


When paired with a low premium health insurance plan to cover catastrophic events, our membership can form an important foundation to a comprehensive employee benefit package.

Our low monthly membership fee can be set up as a payroll deduction with an automatic withdrawal from an employee’s paycheck. 



For more insurance related questions,

see our insurance tab under "FAQ."


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